Saturday, 11 December 2010


I set a goal for myself at the beginning of year, a news-year resolution you might say, to find and get some freelance animation work under my belt.  I have been able to do so by working on three completely different projects;  firstly working with a friend to create a one minute presentation of a new product to be displayed at a counter-terror expo in London, secondly working independently for university society board creating an opening animation sequence to their website and thirdly, I have worked freelance for a London based animation company working on a motion comic film utilizing still images.  I am currently still working on this project...

However, I am still not satisfied with my efforts and my wish next year in 2011 is to finally break into the market!  As most new graduates or animation artists will know, this is easier said then done.  The market is saturated with more experienced artists who have lost their jobs due to the economic down-turn and new kids on the block whose only wish is to play video games all day and re-design past and present characters.