Sunday, 17 July 2011

Job Sucess

Hey bloggers, well finally I have some good Job news.  I have been offered a trial at The Bionic Group ( in Pinewood Studios in relation to getting a permanent job there..  Amazing!  I am over the moon, what an opportunity, I get to work at Pinewood studios everyday!  The only problem is the daily commute, over 1.5 hours in the car :( Obviously I will look for somewhere to live after I get offered the job but its come around so quickly.  I could be back living on my own again within the month, after being home for nearly 3 years since finishing Uni.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Water Tower

I have been following a tutorial on CGTuts about making and texturing a Water Tower..  It has been very interesting and whilst completing it, I have also learnt a new technique for adding slight detail to models.. The Push/Pull tool.  Here is my model..

Job Hunting

Hey guys and gals, I feel I am getting closer to the prize of working full-time in the 3D industry.  Last month I worked for Autonomy, on a iPhone app and met some lovely people, after that I worked for SquareZero in Shoreditch as an Intern where I learnt quite alot about Animator and their habits.  Anyway, this all helps look good on your CV and I managed to get an interview at Bionic in Pinewood Studios, where fingers-crossed, I might get a full-time job.  Just waiting to hear back..  In the meantime I am continuing on with my Submarine project and Water Tower - texturing project plus applying for more jobs.. I will keep you posted.