Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Well my firends, how have you been? I knew I called this blog 'Freelancing' for a reason.. the freelancing job windmill has been busy.. I know no longer work at Autonomy due to the company stressing a focus on the need for experienced Animators, even though none look to be in place within the foreseeable future, and my work taking as long as others..  what were they thinking in hiring 6 3D generalists in the first place?  I guess the fact I was costing more than my colleagues was an issue but a cheap one if that.  Nevermind, the placement at SquareZero is now my priority and I have heard that I may start next week..  Until then, I plan on finishing my Man O'War Submarine.  Yesterday I completed a tutorial on creating water, and tried to crack the reactor tool in order to get realistic water movement.  Today I have been editing the Sub textures, adding more detail, here are my results..

Submarine, Kill count.  Think the symbols have come up really well.

Monday, 13 June 2011


Hello my fellow bloggers, its been a long time since my last and a lot has happened.  I did not get the Lizlake job but I did get the opportunity to work as a contract animator at Autonomy in London and that is where I am now.  Long days but well worth it and coincidentally I have managed to secure an Internship with SquareZero, also in London when I finish my contract.  So now you must understand why I haven't written sooner.