Friday, 26 August 2011


Well my only 2 friends lol its been six weeks now since I started at The Bionic Group in Pinewood studios and alot has happened.  Only yesterday, I worked till 10pm to get a project finished and it was a different experience working so late to hit a deadline. This week I visited a property just around the corner from Pinewood studios and I mean, just round the corner. Less than a 10 minute walkaway.  Hopefully I get the all the clear monetary wise and I can move in next weekend :)  But I tell you, the worst thing about this job is being so far away from friends and family.  The 100 mile trek, there and back is not getting any easier and is starting to tell. I just want somewhere to call home and settle down in this new chapter of my life. In fact my first car Rosie, had a bad week last week and is soon to be scrapped :(  She served her purpose, getting me to and fro but was causing too many problems.   Anyways enough about my personal life, work wise I have completed two projects for major construction companies and about to work on my third.  Not sure if my work speed or accuracy has increased significantly yet but my tool knowledge has grown and I have always loved learning new skills and ways to improve my work flow.  I hope to write again soon in my new place but if that doesn't happen, so what, only you two care loooool

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